Poem of the Day for March 14, 2017

The Voice of Ocean A cry went through the darkness; and the moon, Hurrying through storm, gazed with a ghastly face, Then cloaked herself in scud: the merman race Of surges ceased; and then th’ Aeolian croon Of the wild siren, Wind, within the shrouds Sunk to a sigh. The ocean in that place Seemed listening; haunted, for a moment’s space, By something dread that … Continue reading Poem of the Day for March 14, 2017

A False Sense Of Security

A long while back, I wrote a post about how my depression and anxiety were “just gone” and how it was a miracle that after just a month in college, I had completely gotten over all of my problems. Well, shortly after that, I started feeling that my depression meds were causing me to be overly happy and so, after consulting with my psychiatrist, I … Continue reading A False Sense Of Security

Peer Support Centre

So today I filled out an application to become a volunteer at my school’s peer support centre. It’s a rigorous process; first, there’s the application, where I was given scenarios and asked to respond. Next, if whoever’s in charge likes my responses, there are the interviews. Finally, they’ll decide on who becomes a volunteer. If I get chosen, I’d have to go through a training … Continue reading Peer Support Centre