Panic! But Not At The Disco

I have just about accepted the fact that in all likelihood, I will be living with mental illness for the rest of my life. That doesn’t mean that I won’t stop fighting – it just means that I understand myself and my mind. However, this knowledge hasn’t prevented me from making progress. A little more than a year ago, I was horribly depressed and anxious, … Continue reading Panic! But Not At The Disco

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Powerless to Help

Friday morning, I woke up and saw that my roommate was putting on makeup. “Hey, you going out?” I asked. “Yeah,” she replied, “Dory* [our mutual friend] has a hangover so we’re getting food.” “She went out? On a Thursday night before finals?” “Yep. She’s been out every night this week.” She had been out every night of the week. Immediately, I was worried, because I … Continue reading Powerless to Help

A False Sense Of Security

A long while back, I wrote a post about how my depression and anxiety were “just gone” and how it was a miracle that after just a month in college, I had completely gotten over all of my problems. Well, shortly after that, I started feeling that my depression meds were causing me to be overly happy and so, after consulting with my psychiatrist, I … Continue reading A False Sense Of Security

Peer Support Centre

So today I filled out an application to become a volunteer at my school’s peer support centre. It’s a rigorous process; first, there’s the application, where I was given scenarios and asked to respond. Next, if whoever’s in charge likes my responses, there are the interviews. Finally, they’ll decide on who becomes a volunteer. If I get chosen, I’d have to go through a training … Continue reading Peer Support Centre

My Depressed Friend

There’s a guy that I’ve never actually met. I barely know anything about him; basically I just know his name and his location. I also know that he is horribly depressed. I met him on that app ‘Whisper’ where he had posted something about wanting to kill himself. So I replied telling him that he shouldn’t. That led to a conversation that’s been going on … Continue reading My Depressed Friend

Simone Biles and ADHD

Recently it was revealed that Simone Biles was taking a banned substance at the Olympics. What was that substance? Ritalin. And that’s how we discovered that Simone Biles has ADHD. So before I go any further, it’s important to note that because she was taking a controlled substance for a medical purpose, and had filed the necessary paperwork, she wasn’t cheating. So now that that’s … Continue reading Simone Biles and ADHD

Anxiety Flare-Up

As well as I’ve been doing these past few weeks, there are some moments when I just sort of slip back into my old insecurities. One of those happened Tuesday. So for some background: I messaged a friend asking what our plans were for the Wednesday evening (we were planning on going to a club meeting together and I was asking about dinner beforehand). We … Continue reading Anxiety Flare-Up

An ADHD Nightmare

This morning, I woke up and got ready for school. After a week, I had already settled into a pretty good routine. I knew where my classes were, what time they were at, and I had found shortcuts from one class to another. For an ADHD person, that routine is important. Without the routine, I’m late, I lose stuff, I have difficulty concentrating, and I … Continue reading An ADHD Nightmare