Tale of Two Languages

Montreal seems like it would be the perfect city for me – it’s a large city with lots of activity, populated by several tens of thousands of students around my age. It’s also one of the more bilingual cities I have ever visited, let alone lived in. In fact, as a fluent French-English speaker (both from birth), Montreal’s bilingualism was one of the major factors … Continue reading Tale of Two Languages

A False Sense Of Security

A long while back, I wrote a post about how my depression and anxiety were “just gone” and how it was a miracle that after just a month in college, I had completely gotten over all of my problems. Well, shortly after that, I started feeling that my depression meds were causing me to be overly happy and so, after consulting with my psychiatrist, I … Continue reading A False Sense Of Security

A Test of My (Limited) Patience

Ah, college. That time of life when you’re supposed to become an adult and learn important adulting skills. One of those important adulting skills is patience. Now, you can ask anyone in my family, and they will tell you that I pretty much have none. But when I went off to college, I promised myself that I would be patient with the people around me, … Continue reading A Test of My (Limited) Patience

Anxiety Flare-Up

As well as I’ve been doing these past few weeks, there are some moments when I just sort of slip back into my old insecurities. One of those happened Tuesday. So for some background: I messaged a friend asking what our plans were for the Wednesday evening (we were planning on going to a club meeting together and I was asking about dinner beforehand). We … Continue reading Anxiety Flare-Up

An ADHD Nightmare

This morning, I woke up and got ready for school. After a week, I had already settled into a pretty good routine. I knew where my classes were, what time they were at, and I had found shortcuts from one class to another. For an ADHD person, that routine is important. Without the routine, I’m late, I lose stuff, I have difficulty concentrating, and I … Continue reading An ADHD Nightmare

The Tables Have Turned

So last night I spent some time listening to my roommate and another friend complain about how much trouble they were having making friends, and how they felt as if no one really liked them. And obviously I understood exactly what they were going through, because that was my high school experience. People I thought were my friends would ignore me, I was often ignored, … Continue reading The Tables Have Turned