A Really, Really Bad Week

Week 4 of fantasy football has nearly come and gone, and it’s been terrible.

Like, really, really bad.

But let’s start with the good. This week our running backs did pretty well and got 32.6 points for us. They’re making me glad that I play them.

And now the bad.

So this week my father and I decided to bench Roethlisberger and play Stafford instead, because Roethlisberger hadn’t been playing to our expectations. Well, Roethlisberger wasn’t really thrilled that we benched him, so he decided to have a really good game. Like, nearly 34 points-good game. And meanwhile, Stafford barely managed to get himself 9 points.

And on to the wide receivers: So far two out of three of them have played, DeAndre Hopkins and DeSean Jackson, and they both played terribly. Between the two of them, they recorded nine yards. Nine. Which means that my team got less than 1 point from their performances.

Now, there are still two players left. Blair Walsh and Sterling Shepard are facing each other tonight. But our other players performed so badly that nothing Walsh and Shepard do is going to magically cause us to win (considering right now we’ve only got 52 points and are only projected to get 70) so I guess it’s time to admit defeat and set our sights on the $25 consolation prize.


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