A Test of My (Limited) Patience

Ah, college. That time of life when you’re supposed to become an adult and learn important adulting skills.

One of those important adulting skills is patience. Now, you can ask anyone in my family, and they will tell you that I pretty much have none. But when I went off to college, I promised myself that I would be patient with the people around me, and more specifically, with my roommate, because that’s the person I’d be living with.

But it turns out that this whole patience thing is really, really hard. And as patient as I’ve tried to be, I’m struggling. A lot.

To be honest, this time I don’t think it’s all on me. Granted, I am not a patient person, but I’ve been getting better at it.

Enter the roommate.

Just a quick side note: I bet you thought this would be a post about how I’ve been trying to become a more patient person. Well, it’s not. And it’s not because I am working off of only five hours of sleep and am currently feeling pretty sleep deprived. So that whole post of how I’m becoming more patient and growing as a person will have to come once I’ve caught up on my sleep and have had a solid eight hours of rest.

So back to the roommate. Let’s call her “Ollie”.

Now, I had sort of met Ollie online. We had chatted a little then decided to request each other as roommates. I thought she was a pretty cool person, and I was actually very flattered that she wanted to be my roommate.

The first week of living together was actually pretty fine. Granted, she did go out a few times and come back pretty late, usually also pretty drunk. But that was the first week and I assumed that she would calm down.

And she has – to an extent. She doesn’t go out to party as much anymore, and she certainly doesn’t get wasted the way she did that first week.

The problem is that she’s still going to bed at ungodly hours of the night. And I would be fine with that except that as she’s browsing Facebook at 12:30, she also has the light on pretty bright. Which means that if I want to go to sleep, I have to wear a sleeping mask.

Easy, right? Just wear a sleeping mask? Well, it’s not as easy as it seems, and the reason for that is ADHD. I hate to bring up ADHD as an excuse for not being able to sleep with a sleeping mask, but unfortunately that’s the case. The sleeping mask I have is tight and itchy, and when I have it on, I have a lot of difficulty getting to sleep because all I can think about is how uncomfortable the area around my eyes is.

But that’s not the only sleep-depriving thing she’s done to me. She has also turned on the light at four thirty in the morning to go on Facebook. Her excuse? “I couldn’t sleep”. (And if you’re wondering why turning on a light annoyed me, imagine you’re sleeping in a hotel room and someone turns on a lamp five feet away from your face at four thirty in the morning).

And then there was yesterday.

What Happened Yesterday

Yesterday was laundry night. On laundry night, Ollie and I combine our loads then separate them into two batches, one darks and the other whites and colors, and we’re each responsible for a batch. And to speed things up, we each go to a different floor and take control of that floor’s washing machines, which are usually free on weeknights.

Well, last night we started a little late, which was partly my fault (physics homework). Anyway, we both go to start our loads. Half an hour later, I go to put my load in the dryer, expecting Ollie to do the same because hers is undoubtedly finished as well.

Turns out, Ollie did not go and put her load in the dryer, so twenty minutes after putting my load in the dryer, I’m back out and putting her load in the dryer. I was actually fine with this – she was studying, so I understood that she was busy, and probably stressed, and I was fine with giving her space and time to do her work.

Anyway, the timer I set for myself goes up and I get my load and start folding it. Twenty minutes later, Ollie goes to get her load. By now, it’s about midnight, and I’m telling myself that as soon as she gets back I’m going to fold my laundry and get to sleep. In fact, I can’t actually go to sleep until she gets back because my sleeping clothes are in her load.

So I wait. And I’m browsing on Facebook. And suddenly I realize that it’s nearly twelve thirty so I’m wondering to myself, “Where’s my roommate?” I figure that she’s probably helping out with someone’s homework, because she mentioned that earlier, so I decide to give her five minutes. Five minutes pass, and I decide to go to the common room (where the washers and dryers are located) to find her.

Except that when I get there, no roommate.

So I go back up to the room.

No roommate.

Now I’m starting to get frustrated. My roommate has disappeared with my laundry, and I can’t go to bed until she shows back up because I do not know this girl well enough to sleep au naturel.

Ten more minutes pass, and finally I decide to be proactive about this because I really, really want to go to bed. Because if I don’t get to bed soon, I will become a sleep deprived bitch. I’m not going to deny it. I am a monster when I haven’t slept enough, and I know it.

So what I decide to do is go to my RA’s room because I’d heard something about a Big Brother finale watch party or something and maybe Ollie stopped by or something.

And so I walk into the room and guess who I see happily sitting on the bed, the laundry two feet away from her? That’s right, Ollie. Turns out, she was two doors down the hall the entire time and couldn’t be bothered to take literally twenty seconds to drop off the laundry.

So I grab the laundry and walk out, visibly unhappy.

Well, fifteen minutes later, as I’m still folding laundry, she skips into the room, giggling like a little girl. I try to express my anger in as calm of a voice as I possibly can at 1:15 in the morning, but what I get over and over again from her is the spoken word version of #sorrynotsorry: “I was only going to say ‘hi’ for one minute”. By this point, I’m so mad that if I open my mouth, either I’m going to start screaming at her or I’m going to start crying. Either way, one of us is going to end up in tears. So I shut my mouth, glare at her, and put on my headphones.

I finally went to be sometime around 1:45 (because naturally after she came back, she decided to go on Facebook with the light on).

And then the next morning she wakes up at 7:15 (and let me just tell you right now – she’s not quiet).

So that’s the end of what happened yesterday.

And then there’s the slightly pettier thing where we were at a party and this guy and I were talking and she just swooped in and started flirting with him. Not cool.

And so now that you’ve gotten through this rant, here is a video as my way of apologizing:




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