An ADHD Nightmare

This morning, I woke up and got ready for school. After a week, I had already settled into a pretty good routine. I knew where my classes were, what time they were at, and I had found shortcuts from one class to another.

For an ADHD person, that routine is important. Without the routine, I’m late, I lose stuff, I have difficulty concentrating, and I get very stressed.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to open an email from my school’s administration telling me that I had to change a class.

What they were asking me to do was simple – I had to drop my MATH 150 class in favor of a MATH 141 class because I already had some credits that went to MATH 150 and if I didn’t switch classes, my courses would be flagged.

Easy, right? All I had to do was switch from one class to another.

Except that MATH 141 is at a different time than MATH 150. So I had to also drop my East Asian History course in favor of East Asian Art (never mind the fact that I’ve already bought the textbooks).

And then I had to move one of my courses from a Wednesday to a Monday because I had way too many courses on Wednesday.

And so what that all boils down to is that my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays have been thrown into chaos. I have no clue where any of my classes are those days. I’m not used to having them at those time. I’ve missed an entire week of those classes already. And my routine, which I had settled into pretty quickly, has been torn to pieces and I have to try to build a new one while not falling behind in my classes.

So a special thanks to my school’s university who told me my schedule was fine then changed it’s mind a week into the school year. Everyone loves finalizing their schedule only to be told that they have to start over.


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