Exercise & ADHD – When well-meaning advice is infuriating

This is a very good post about the challenges of parenting someone with ADHD


Once in a while, someone on my Facebook feed will post a useful tip on how to cure ADHD without medication. Those who repost that awful “why French kids don’t get ADHD” get unfollowed until I forget why I have banished them. Other articles are slightly more constructive but equally infuriating to someone who has parented two kids with ADHD, and who herself is probably high on the ADHD scale. This morning’s article was about how researchers have proved that exercise is good for the brain and can help kids with ADHD.


I learned about ADHD when my son was in Kindergarten. It was January 2006. I have been steadily reading and learning about the condition since, often learning by trials and errors….lots of errors. Every so often, some kind soul will inform me of this or that “cure” for ADHD, because surely I do not know about it…

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