California’s Delegation Should Be Ashamed Of Itself

I come from California, and as a liberal Californian and San Franciscan, I’ve always been proud that my state is a leader in the country.

But after the Democratic National Convention, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more ashamed of my state than now. The California delegation, and specifically the Bernie or Busters in the California delegation, spent the entire convention booing speakers and generally distracting people from the purpose of the convention.

Watching at home, I was horrified to hear the California delegation booing people every time Hillary Clinton’s name was mentioned – this at a convention that was stressing love, compassion, and especially unity.

So here’s a message to those Bernie or Busters who just don’t get it: MOVE ON. Your candidate lost, and Hillary Clinton won fair and square.

Now, you could look at this election as a choice between two evils, and you can go ahead and vote for the lesser of two evils.

Or you can recognize the truth: Hillary Clinton is a kind, compassionate person who cares about the people and who would be a fantastic president. And you have the power to choose her over a racist, narcissistic, misogynistic Cheeto-colored demagogue.

And I would say that if you refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton because ‘a vote for Clinton is a vote for Trump’, then I would say that you deserve exactly what you’re going to get. But I won’t say that because no one deserves to have Trump as president.

Now, I know that most Bernie supporters are reasonable and voting for Hillary Clinton in November. For example, my cousin was a former hardcore Bernie supporter who transferred all her enthusiasm over to Hillary.

But for those of y’all who just don’t get it, grow up. I don’t want to live through 8+ years of President (Dictator) Trump because a group of petulant children were unhappy that their candidate didn’t win. This is a national emergency, and if y’all cannot understand that, then y’all should probably leave the voting to the slightly more intelligent life forms in this country.


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