Love Versus Hate

This week, we’re watching as the Democrats make history as Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman to be nominated for a major-party ticket. Last week, we watched as the Republicans made history by nominating their first oompa-loompa narcissist for the presidency.

And the Democrats have subtly re-framed this entire election.

Before these two conventions, there was a tendency to see this election as a race between two hated candidates.

Now, this is an election between Love and Hate. We can either elect a racist demagogue who preys on people’s fears and weaknesses (and let’s be clear: not voting or voting for Jill Stein is the same as voting for Donald Trump) or we can vote for a candidate who cares about people and issues. The Democratic convention served to humanize Hillary Clinton, and by humanizing Hillary Clinton, it has become clear that this election is about Love versus Hate.


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