Vote Patriotically

I have to say something that might come as a shock to some people: this election is not about you individually. It’s not about your personal voice, it’s not about what you want, it’s not about you.

This election is about us. It’s about OUR country. It’s about ensuring that Donald Trump does not become president. It’s about making sure that our country does not fail, that our democracy does not crumble. It’s about making sure that our fellow citizens who have traditionally had a target on their back (women, Latinos, African-Americans, LGBTQ+, Muslims, immigrants, etc.) aren’t further discriminated against. It’s about being able to live our lives free from fear and hatred.  

The nomination of Donald Trump in Cleveland means that we are now in the midst of a national emergency. If we fail to act this election cycle, we let Trump win. And unlike what some people may say, a Donald Trump presidency would not lead to the revolution we’re all waiting for. A Donald Trump presidency would lead to the end of American democracy as we know it. And so unless the people waiting for the revolution are ready to take up arms and face Donald Trump’s army, the best way to avoid the end of democracy would be to vote for Hillary Clinton.

And don’t use your vote as a protest vote. Because a protest vote against Hillary Clinton, even if you’re not voting for Trump and voting instead for Jill Stein, is still a vote for Trump.

You may be thinking, ‘But Hillary is a thief! She takes money from corporations! She’s a sell-out!’ or something along those lines. If that’s what you’re thinking, congratulations. You have just bought into thirty years worth of conservative smear tactics. The truth is, Hillary Clinton is a strong, intelligent, independent candidate with years of political experience. And more than that, she’s very good at listening to the people.

So on November 8, when you’re asking yourself who you should vote for: Don’t vote for Gary Johnson. Don’t vote for Jill Stein. Don’t write in Bernie’s name. And certainly don’t vote for Donald Trump. Vote for Hillary Clinton. Because this year, your vote matters. Don’t vote for yourself. Don’t throw away your vote because you’re upset you didn’t get your way. It’s not about having your voice heard, it’s about saving your country. Please, vote for this country. Vote for the people around you. Vote patriotically.


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