Fear and Hatred at the 2016 RNC

It has been a crazy few days, but we’ve finally made it through the Republican National Convention.

Now, I had the luck of not being in the country for the convention, so the only way I got any news from the convention was by watching Colbert (10/10 would recommend) and by reading various articles from news sites like Slate, Salon, the NY Times, and the Washington Post.

And I think that what we’ve learned is that Donald Trump is much, much more dangerous than we previously thought.

Let’s start by looking at Day 1 of the convention: The highlight of that convention was Melania Trump’s speech, and there are so many things that went on with that speech that I’m going to go through it one by one.

First, there was Donald Trump’s entrance. Trump showed up on the first day of the convention (most nominees only show up the last day) and walked onto the stage to Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’ through a smokescreen. It was an entrance worthy of a pop star or an motivational speaker, not a serious candidate for the presidency. However, his entrance is telling; this is one of the best examples of Trump’s narcissism and an indicator of how he would act as president. On a day that was supposed to be about his wife, he couldn’t help but steal her thunder. And if that’s true, how do you think he’ll act after a national tragedy? Do you really want to see President Trump coming through a smoke screen and talking about himself before he says, ‘Also, twenty people died today. I was right about ____’?

And then there’s Melania Trump’s infamous speech. Her plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speech has been widely publicized, and yet the Trump campaign spent two days denying any fault? Among the excuses: Michelle Obama doesn’t own the English language, 93% of the speech wasn’t plagiarized, it’s Hillary’s fault, those are common sentiments, and Twilight Sparkle said it. A lot of effort was spent trying to deny fault and push blame onto someone else, and in the end, a low level staffer took the fall. So what will happen when he’s president? You’ll get tweets like this: ‘Country’s bankruptcy not my fault. Fault of immigrants and Dems blocking wall’ or ‘Sent missiles on advice of staffer. World War 3 not my fault.’
And if you’re thinking that these tweets are a little unrealistic, that’s only because I can’t make my sentences sound as dumb as those of Donald Trump.

But the real Day 1 takeaway: everything is going to kill us. And by everything, the speakers meant terrorists, immigrants, Hillary Clinton, and more.

That theme continued throughout the convention. Even when speakers were talking about how to ‘make America work again’ or ‘make America one again’, there was a whole lot of fear and hatred.

And that’s why a Donald Trump presidency would really be scary. Yes, his bullying and impulsivity and short attention span and narcissism combined with terrible policy ideas would hurt this country immensely. But more than that would be the hate and fear he would inspire in citizens of the US.

Because in a country where things are already pretty tense, where black people are shot for lying on the ground with their hands up, and Muslims are attacked for practicing a different religion, Latinos are yelled at to go back to their country and not speak Spanish, women are condemned for being independent and having successful careers, and LGBTQ+ people are denied rights for having a slightly different biological makeup, we don’t need a leader who further divides us. We don’t need a leader who incites more hatred, or encourages more fear. Because as much as Donald Trump claims to want to ‘make America one again’, he is really just further dividing us.

And if history has taught us anything, it’s that by letting ourselves be divided, we open ourselves up to more tragedy, more fear, more hatred, and more failure. After all, the best strategy of any war is to ‘divide and conquer’. And if Donald Trump is president, I can almost guarantee you that we’ll be at war within the first year.

So in the face of the most dangerous candidate for president ever, it is crucial that we all go out and ‘vote your conscience’, to quote Ted Cruz. And when voting, please vote for Hillary Clinton. I am sure that there are many people who hate Hillary Clinton, and would rather vote for Jill Stein, but the stakes of this election are way too high for that to be okay. Any other election, I’d say ‘go ahead’, but this election cycle is different. This is a national emergency, and as rational, responsible, patriotic citizens, we need to unite behind the one candidate who can actually beat Donald Trump. And it will be hard to get over any hatred of Hillary Clinton, but if my traditionally Republican, Hillary-hating grandparents can get over their disgust for her to vote for her, so can anyone else.

So November 8, go vote because this year, your vote really matters.

Register to vote using this website: Voter Registration | USA.gov


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