The Tragedy In Nice

Last night, at about 11 o’clock, a lone wolf drove a truck through a crowd of people celebrating the 14th in Nice.

There are so far 84 people dead, 18 in critical condition, and 50 children sent to the hospital.

But please, let’s stop calling this a terrorist attack.

President Francois Hollande called this a terrorist attack soon after it happened, and that was a mistake. Now, people, especially in the US, seem unwilling to call it like it is: an attack by someone who was violent and depressed.

This tragedy can, and should, be compared to the flight that plunged into the Alps at the hands of a suicidal pilot. The German pilot was not a terrorist, and neither is this man.

Or let’s compare this tragedy to any of the white men who have gone and shot up schools and theaters. We didn’t call those men terrorists, so we shouldn’t call this one a terrorist either.

The man who killed all these people had not been on any terror watch lists (either in France or in Tunisia), and had been described as a ‘weird loner’ and depressed by his neighbors. And while Daesh did claim responsibility for the attacks, it’s more likely that this was a suicide meant to look like a terror attack. Not to mention, Daesh is automatically going to try to capitalize on anything that creates fear in the West.

So one more time for the people in the back: THIS WAS NOT A TERRORIST ATTACK.

Priez pour Nice.


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