Another National Embarrassment

Just four days after the UK voted to leave the EU, they face another huge embarrassment: being beat by Iceland.

First, it’s important to know that Iceland has less registered soccer players than the state of Rhode Island. Iceland is by no means a soccer powerhouse, whereas the UK traditionally is.

So then how does Iceland beat the UK and reach the semi-finals?

By playing stellar defense. Iceland only gave up one goal on a penalty kick in the fourth minute. Two minutes later, Iceland scored its first goal. Twenty minutes in, Iceland scored its second.

And then Iceland proceeded to play fantastic defense. I would not have thought that the team from a country of 329,000 people would be able to stop the Brits so completely, but they did. And as a result, 93 minutes after the game started, the Brits were humiliated for the second time in a week.

Following the match, the British manager tendered his resignation. Iceland meanwhile will be playing France in the semi-finals on July 3 at the Stade de France. France should not get cocky; Iceland may not be a soccer powerhouse, but so far they’ve been upsetting the tournament and knocking out teams better than them (England).

Needless to say, England just Brexited the Euro Cup.

In other soccer news, Lionel Messi is resigning from the Argentinian team, and Italy beat Spain 2-0 and will go on to play Germany in the semi-finals.


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