What the Hell is Going On?

Here’s how I feel right now:

Why? Because of the Warriors. This is the team that beat the Chicago Bulls’ regular season record with 73 wins, and yet in the first quarter of Game 6, they scored 11 points.

11 points.

That’s the fewest amount of points the Warriors have scored in any one quarter in the entire season. They’re shooting 32% from the field. And at the end of the first quarter, they were down by 20.

So what happened?

Well, for the first four minutes, the Warriors could not score anything. Nada. The Cavs were up by 8 before Draymond got a layup to put the Dubs on the board.

And not only was Golden State unable to score, but they also kept getting called for fouls, they couldn’t get rebounds, and they kept getting turnovers.

There was also a foul call on Steph that gave LeBron two free throws early on – except that Curry was set and it was obvious on the replay (and during the act itself) that it should have been called a charge. And so now in the first half, Steph already has three personal fouls.

But wait, there’s more! Even while Steph has sort of found his rhythm (16 points so far) the rest of his team is still struggling to figure things out. Klay only has 4 points, 1 rebound, no assists, and 3 turnovers. Draymond is doing a little better, with 6 points, 5 rebounds, and 1 assist. But you have to think that if these two were playing at the top of their games (Klay getting points in the double digits, Draymond on track for a triple-double) the Warriors might be in contention and not 15 points down.

And of course, there’s no denying that LeBron and Kyrie have been playing phenomenally. But if the Warriors could get their act together, it might not matter how well LeBron and Kyrie are playing.

Warriors down 16 at the half, 43-59

Updates to follow.

Second Half Updates:

Four minutes into the second half, and the Warriors are down 21. Curry is still the only player really getting any points (although Klay got his first three) with 21, but  that doesn’t matter because Harrison Barnes is 0 for 8.

It’s probably worth mentioning that the Warriors are being plagued by injury. Bogut didn’t start the game due to a Game 5 injury (bruised bone), and Iguodala was taken out for lower back pain. So who are the Warriors stuck with now that Bogut and Iggy are out? Brandon Rush.

4:20 left in the third, Dubs down 59 – 76

And then, Klay Thompson came alive in the last two minutes of the quarter:
1:46 left in the third, Dubs down 63 – 80
1:30 left, Klay knocks down a 3, 66 – 80
47 seconds left, Klay knocks down another 3. 11 point game.
24 seconds left, LeBron misses a 3
10 seconds left, Thompson gets a layup. 9 point game.

So if Klay (and the rest of the team) keeps up the momentum in the fourth, they have a shot at winning.

Fourth Quarter: So the fourth quarter starts with LeBron drawing a foul and Steph missing a three. All that momentum the Warriors had coming out of the third seems to have evaporated. That was followed up by a 2 by LeBron with a sec left on the shot clock and a turnover by Varejao. Then after it looked like they were getting back on track as Leandro got a layup and Curry got a steal, the momentum was ruined again as a legitimate steal was called a foul (giving Steph his fifth personal foul).

9:03 left, Curry gets a 3 from deep.
8:49 left – Good no call as Green has a clean block
8:35 left – Steph misses a layup
8:05 left – Leandro Barbosa gets a three, 79 – 86. This is the closest it’s been in the second half.
7:32 left – James makes a remarkable shot. Steph then misses a 3, but the ball is stripped (Warriors ball) except there’s a bad pass (Cavs ball) and LeBron gets a layup. Warriors take a timeout.

6:52 left – LeBron James has the last 18 points scored by the Cavs, and 34 total.
6:48 left – Klay takes three free throws, but the favor is returned as JR Smith gets a three
6:20 left – Barbosa answers and gets a 3, 84 – 93
4:32 left – Timeout called, Dubs down 13. A side note: While LeBron is unable to take trash-talking, he’s quite good at dishing it out.

4:32 left – Another timeout called to avoid a turnover.
4:28 left – Klay Thompson fouled, only makes one shot, 87 – 99
4:22 left – Steph Curry fouls out for the first time since December 2013. This ensures a Warriors loss tonight, but this foul call, like two of the other foul calls, was completely wrong. There were three foul calls that shouldn’t have been made, and because of that, Curry got ejected on a T (he threw his mouthpiece at the ref because he didn’t think he should have fouled out).
3:49 left – Offensive foul called on Klay Thompson.
3:23 left – Barbosa takes two shots, splits them. 88 – 105. Draymond is subbed out.
2:58 left – LeBron gets a 3 from deep, 88 – 108

The problem when it came to fouls was that the refs got caught up with the crowd. The Warriors weren’t playing their best, but they certainly could have played Curry more if he hadn’t been called for that foul that was really a charge (that gave him 3 fouls in the first half). Curry most certainly should not have fouled out.

Final score: 101 – 115

Game 7 is on Sunday night in Oakland at 5 on ABC


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