My Problem With Satan

Lately I’ve been asking a lot of questions about my faith (because what’s religion without a little doubt?) and one of the problems that has come up for me is Satan.

My main problem with Satan is the idea that he’s evil. For some reason, I can’t wrap my head around that even though the Bible portrays him as a Tempter who tries to lead us on the wrong path.

The reason I can’t believe Satan is evil is Hell. Hell is where the truly evil people in this world are punished, and it’s run by Satan. Yet if Satan were truly evil, don’t you think that those evil people would be celebrated instead of punished once they reached Hell? And that’s where I have a problem. I don’ want to believe that the people lie Hitler and Stalin can commit horrible crimes against humanity and then be celebrated for that in the afterlife. Therefore, I have to believe that Hell is a place that punishes those who truly embody evil.

But if I believe that, I also have to believe that Satan is not as evil as the Bible makes him out to be.

And that belief puts events in the Bible in a whole new perspective. For example, believing that Satan isn’t evil and just another, more prolific angel means that we were supposed to eat the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, or that when Jesus met the Devil in the desert, it was just another one of God’s tests.

Anyway, the point is that I can’t believe that Satan is evil because I can’t believe that evil people will be celebrated after death.

It’s also probably the reason why Satanists objected to people calling Ted Cruz ‘Lucifer in the flesh’.



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