The Penguins Were Just Better

Yesterday, the Stanley Cup Finals came to an end as the Penguins beat the Sharks in a 3-1 win.

As a Sharks fan, I listened to the loss thinking, ‘How could this possibly happen?’ As an objective observer, turns out the answer was pretty easy: the Penguins were just better.

Throughout last night’s game, the Penguins clearly dominated the ice. Except for about ten minutes of the second period, the Penguins were in complete control. The Sharks really only dominated at the beginning of the second period, when they scored their only goal. Even then, the Penguins responded almost immediately by scoring what would end up being the winning goal.

Despite the disappointing loss, however, the Sharks should be proud of how far they got this year, and Sharks fans should be and are thankful for the season we’ve had.


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