The King is a Crybaby

So LeBron James can push Draymond Green to the ground and step over him, but a flagrant is called on Draymond?

And then LeBron follows up that performance by elbowing McAdoo in the neck and pushing him down, then shoots free throws?

LeBron James is nothing more than a crybaby, but because he’s the “King”, calls go his way. That’s wrong.

But on the other hand, that’s just going to make the Warriors angry, and when the Warriors are angry, they start playing hard (as evidenced by the first quarter).

So if LeBron and the Cavs were expecting this game to be a cakewalk without Draymond, they’re sorely mistaken.

On the other hand, it’s nice to hear the Dubs fans boo him every time he touches the ball.

Update: LeBron just threw the ball away in disgust, so where’s the technical? There isn’t one, because it’s LeBron James.


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