Congratulations Boys

Congratulations to the Warriors for winning Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals! Now it’s on to what will be a dramatic Game 7 as the Dubs and OKC battle it out in Oakland.

I only got to a TV in time to see the 4th quarter, when the Dubs were down by eight, but what I saw was some pretty amazing basketball (Watching the highlights, it’s obvious that it was a pretty amazing game all the way through).

But to see the Warriors down by seven with five minutes left and then win by seven is absolutely incredible. As Steve Kerr says, obviously Klay Thompson’s shooting was “ridiculous” (he set a playoff record by getting 11 3pt shots) and Steph Curry made some pretty sweet Curry-esque layups and amazing steals. In the meantime, the defense stepped it up and got a whole bunch of stops and forced a whole bunch of turnovers.

And to Westbrook and Durant who said in a press conference that Steph Curry’s steals didn’t matter that much: are you really sure you wanted to say that before the most important game (besides Monday’s Game 7) of the Warriors’ season? Before their first elimination game of the season? In hindsight, that seems like that might have been a mistake.

So good luck to the Warriors in Game 7! Hopefully they’ll play in Game 7 the same way they played in the 4th quarter.



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