A Political Temper Tantrum

If you’ve ever wondered what a temper tantrum looks like in politics, look no further: a political temper tantrum takes the form of a four-page letter demanding the removal of two high profile Democrats from the Democratic Platform Committee because they were mean. 

In short, Bernie Sanders’ letter to the DNC says: “Barney Frank and Dannel Malloy were mean to me, so I want you to punish them or else” (If this reminds you of a little kid, that’s because that’s the kind of reaction little kids have to this kind of stuff). 

Basically, Bernie wants Barney Frank, a hero of the LGBT movement and long-time Democrat, and Dannel Malloy, a governor who raised taxes, put his state on the path to decriminalizing marijuana, and tried to strengthen gun control laws, to be disqualified. Why? Well in his words, both “have been harsh, vocal critics of Senator Sanders, and equally active supporters of his challenger, Hillary Clinton”. Never mind that both have been supporting liberal positions for years; they said something mean about Sanders and so they shouldn’t be allowed to chair committees. 

This while Cornel West is on the DPC because Sanders was allowed to choose 1/3 of DPC members (a big concession by Debbie Wassserman-Schultz. 

So if you were wondering what a political temper tantrum was, now you know. 



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