High School Happened

Before going to high school, I was told over and over again that these would be the best years of my life. I was told that it would be so much fun, that I would make so many friends, and lots of other stuff like that. Now that I’ve graduated, I can say with certainty that they were not.

Mostly, high school was lonely. I felt invisible and ignored, shoved to the side and forgotten. And I was painfully reminded of the fact that I was a forgotten person during the last few weeks of school when everyone was signing yearbooks and sharing senior wills. I can count on one hand the number of yearbooks I was asked to sign (4) and the number of senior wills I was mentioned in (1). What hurt even more, though, was that even with my only friends in the school, I was an afterthought. One friend I can forgive; we only saw each other for five minutes a day if we saw each other at all. The other, however, I’m still a little irrationally mad at because I felt like the least she could have done was remember me a little earlier. After all, we saw each other each day, but after she got her yearbook, it took her three days before she asked me to sign it. I know it’s sort of a childish, stupid thing to hold on to, but at the time it really hurt to feel forgotten, especially after 18 years of friendship.

So if the person I’ve known for 18 years forgets about me, and puts casual acquaintances ahead of me, what does that say about me?


3 thoughts on “High School Happened

  1. I don’t think there’s anything negative to say about you or the friendship you’ve provided them. People take good things for granted all the time. It sounds like your friends don’t recognize a good thing when they’ve got it. Thank you for this honest post, and congratulations on graduating!


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