Hello: Take 2

My first post on this blog was a short post called “Hello” (which, if you’re interested, you can find here) that outlined what this blog was going to be about. Now that I’m actually writing the blog, however, I feel like I have to update that post.

This is still my first blog, and I’m a normally very reserved person; that part hasn’t changed. However, instead of focusing on my opinions on politics and religion, I’m going to push those to the side and instead focus on my experiences with mental disorders like depression, anxiety, etc.

There are a few factors that have contributed to my decision to refocus my blog. First, it turns out that pouring my heart out to the internet while completely anonymous is really therapeutic and helps keep me busy (school’s out and I’m bored). I’ve also decided that I want to talk about my mental health problems because I want to help fight the stigma around these disorders and help people realize that they have nothing to be ashamed of if they suffer from any of these. Finally, I also want people to know that they’re not alone and that there are people out there who will support them through their difficult time.



P.S. I should probably also mention that I’m still going to be posting about sports, religion, politics, and poetry, but on a smaller scale. 


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