Berning the House Down

You guessed it, a post about Bernie Sanders. How original. Fair warning, it is criticizing him so if you’re a #bernieorbuster this may not be the post for you.

I find Bernie Sanders incredibly selfish. This is actually a rather new position I’ve taken: way back when his campaign started, I strongly considered voting for him, and even when I decided against that, I respected his message and positions (even if I thought some were unattainable and would never make it through our stingy, do-nothing Congress).

But now I think he’s selfish and annoying.

Two things have contributed to this point of view. First, Donald Trump is the nominee for the Republican party. Second, Bernie still refuses to drop out of the race and give the nomination to Clinton (despite the fact that mathematically, he can’t win).

If the Republican nominee were anyone but Trump (or Drumpf, if you prefer), I would have no problem with Bernie staying in the race this long. It might even have made the California primary a little more interesting.

But the fact remains that Trump is the Republican nominee. This is a man that has insulted almost everyone in the country, has proposed a ban on Muslims, has called Mexicans rapists and murderers, and has advocated war crimes. His nomination is nothing short of a national emergency, and as responsible, patriotic, moral citizens, it is our job to unite (Democrats, progressives, independents, centrists, and Trump-hating Republicans alike) against Donald Trump and prevent this atrocity from reaching the presidency. We can’t do that if Bernie Sanders stays in the  race and continues to divide liberals. Sanders should be able to recognize the dire situation we’re in and help us unite; instead, his ego is keeping him in. His desire to become president is trumping the need for unity. And if he doesn’t stop being selfish soon, the situation might get worse.

This is a national emergency. We need to unite, and Bernie needs to help.


I appreciate that some of you may have strong feelings about this subject, and I encourage and welcome all arguments and opinions. However, if you’re going to comment on this, I ask that you limit the amount of swearing and name-calling because that has no place in a national election


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