Friendly Reminder

For everyone in the Bay Area:

Right now, the Warriors are both doing great (they have Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, their regular season record was 73-9, and they’re in the Western Conference Finals) and terribly (down 3-1? Seriously?).

At the same time, the Sharks are going great: they’ve made it past the first two rounds of playoffs and they’re currently leading the Blues 3-2, with a shot at getting into the final tonight at 6.

But everyone seems to have forgotten one of the Bay Area teams (not the 49ers; they’re terrible, their manager is a jerk, and they’re not even playing right now). Everyone seems to have forgotten the Giants.

It’s an even year, and everyone was really excited to see how the Giants would do. However, after a good start, they slumped and lost big often. Their best players couldn’t make contact, and their pitchers would give up run after run after run. They were the worst team to be leading a division, and that was only because everyone else in their division was performing even worse.

Then the basketball and hockey playoffs started, and it seemed as if people forgot about the Giants.

And while everyone was focused on the Warriors and the Sharks, the Giants started playing great.

They started making amazing plays, making contact, and winning games. They went from having a sub .500 win percentage to having a .612 win percentage (2nd best of the National League, 4th in baseball). In their last 10 games, they’re 9-1.

If they keep playing like this, we’re going to have to stop ignoring them.


Update: when the post was first published, the Giants had not finished their game on May 25. However, now that they have won, their win percentage has gone from .604 to .612.


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