An Argument for Gun Control

Recently I’ve read a lot about the terrifying lack of gun control in this country – or rather, I’ve read stories about toddlers being shot for being toddlers – and this news, along with the fact that there have already been 20 mass shootings in May of 2016 (keep in mind that the month is not over) has made me angrier than ever about the total lack of gun control in this country.

There are many arguments supporting gun ownership in this country; namely, people want to own guns for protection, or because this is a free country and their individual right to gun ownership is protected by the Second Amendment. But we as a country must draw a line before too many young lives are ended and families destroyed. So once again, it’s time to negate the arguments for lax gun control laws.

“I want to own a gun for protection”
Congratulations, you’re a coward who needs to hide behind a piece of metal to feel safe from the (often imagined) threat of scary immigrants coming to take your jobs and land. News flash: the only immigrants who ever wreaked havoc on this country were white people (basically, the ones who really needed guns were the Native Americans). Furthermore, the idea that you have your gun for protection is challenged every time a child accidentally shoots him/herself or his/her parent. That gun you bought to protect your family from thieves will more likely be used in an accidental shooting that harms a family member, or God forbid, make suicide easier for your son or daughter. You may be protecting yourselves from an outside threat, but guns will never protect you from yourself.

“The Second Amendment protects my right to own a gun”
Technically, yeah, sure. Currently, people are interpreting the Second Amendment to mean that individual citizens have the right to own guns. However, this amendment originally protected the right of a militia to own a gun. But that’s not my problem with this argument. My problem actually stems from a phrase in a different founding document, the Declaration of Independence. In it, Thomas Jefferson declares that we “are endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. Considering that these rights are “unalienable”, your right to own a gun should not trump the right of some little kid to live a good, happy life. That’s wrong on just so many levels.



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