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Powerless to Help

Friday morning, I woke up and saw that my roommate was putting on makeup. “Hey, you going out?” I asked. “Yeah,” she replied, “Dory* [our mutual friend] has a hangover so we’re getting food.” “She went out? On a Thursday night before finals?” “Yep. She’s been out every night this week.” She had been out every night of the week.¬†Immediately, I was worried, because I … Continue reading Powerless to Help

Panic! But Not At The Disco

I have just about accepted the fact that in all likelihood, I will be living with mental illness for the rest of my life. That doesn’t mean that I won’t stop fighting – it just means that I understand myself and my mind. However, this knowledge hasn’t prevented me from making progress. A little more than a year ago, I was horribly depressed and anxious, … Continue reading Panic! But Not At The Disco

Tale of Two Languages

Montreal seems like it would be the perfect city for me – it’s a large city with lots of activity, populated by several tens of thousands of students around my age. It’s also one of the more bilingual cities I have ever visited, let alone lived in. In fact, as a fluent French-English speaker (both from birth), Montreal’s bilingualism was one of the major factors … Continue reading Tale of Two Languages

Poem of the Day for March 14, 2017

The Voice of Ocean A cry went through the darkness; and the moon, Hurrying through storm, gazed with a ghastly face, Then cloaked herself in scud: the merman race Of surges ceased; and then th’ Aeolian croon Of the wild siren, Wind, within the shrouds Sunk to a sigh. The ocean in that place Seemed listening; haunted, for a moment’s space, By something dread that … Continue reading Poem of the Day for March 14, 2017